Shanghai dragon head five skills through understanding job interview

company recently newly established domestic Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon team, is currently responsible for the work of domestic and Shanghai dragon team recruitment, found some problems in the recruitment process, I hope to the recruitment of job seekers in Shanghai Longfeng some suggestions, so that we can avoid some twists and turns and wrong answer skills in the process of job seekers in Shanghai dragon.

2, Shanghai Phoenix interview, not exaggerated, some people say that they have the ability to take over the team, Shanghai dragon strategy and writing scheme in fact, with no team, the interviewer can not know, but by asking some of Shanghai Longfeng strategies. For example, I often ask, "


experience two, knowing your strengths of Shanghai dragon

1, your skills are very important. In the process of recruiting some resume is "2 years of experience, understand c#, ASP, PHP, HTML." However, the interview when asked about the operation of a school, some answer is, for a long time no contact. For example, our company has certain requirements for c#, or say: "c# didn’t learn in college last class!!" no, why write? So to warn you, you learn to learn, understand understand, do not understand must not write on your resume. This will cause your recruitment failure, cause you for failure in other parts of the


our company is mainly to do domestic make mobile phone game development, and has its own Shanghai dragon team in foreign countries, so the Shanghai dragon is the need to consider to travel abroad, of course, you know the industry. Because as long as the Shanghai dragon team is traveling abroad, the treatment is very high, the industry in general is a gray industry, domestic situation does not allow the novice when applying for Shanghai dragon is to know what is going on.

Of course, some in the domestic

experience: a clear understanding of risk industry.


Shanghai dragon is a mutual survival by the Internet industry, domestic algorithm changes and your contacts, update technology is not the first time, will lead you to the Internet and derailment. If you are black, gray, many forums and blogs and portals are unable to conduct normal link resource accumulation and to determine the effectiveness of the

can increase their understanding to go abroad to see things, of course, in foreign countries, the risk of a lot, most job seekers mentality are want to go abroad to see the market, increase their social experience, or your resume can add a pen. If the industry is normal, can support, if it is gray, black industry, time is not long.

did it, or in the Shanghai dragon industry done more than 3 years will be learned. The interview will be used in several ways to answer you: 1, hazy method: our company has its own team in foreign countries, there is other industries for technical support, products to sell abroad. 2, bluntly: our company of Shanghai Longfeng law team is in a foreign country, do not know whether you can accept

The authenticity of the

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